About the method

Vvik III Method

Vvik III is a method to keep mentally and physically fit and to counteract ageing dedicated to people over 40 years of age.

Vvik III Method

Vis vitalis – life energy is accomplished here by a simultaneous application of three types of impact: exercice, diet, psychological support and relaxation, which are applied in compliance with the condition and the potential of persons participating in classes. The interaction of these impacts as well as individual physical, psychological and nutritional recommendations determine the safety, the value and the efficiency of this method, its uniqueness and versatility.

The comprehensive and individual nature of the method satisfies the necessity of a new approach to the problem of maintaining psycho-physical fitness /emotional, intellectual, physical and functional/ of persons who start to age. The three types of impact listed above have approx. 50% of share in keeping a person healthy. They prevent the loss of dexterity and independence and suppress many diseases, including rapidly increasing obesity, as well as depression and dementia.

The goal of the method is to keep people that use it, healthy, physically fit and happy with their life that is free of stresses, fears and solitude. Furthermore, the method teaches them how to keep in shape, how to take care of their bodies and how to pursue a healthy life.

Vvik III Method
Vvik III Method


Physical movement: medical recommendations

Determination of an individual set of physical exercises: improving, strengthening, conditioning and stretching, as well as power training, health and relaxation gymnastics, in line with the individual needs, potential and expectations of a patient, in compliance with his/ her age, physical capacity, functionality and degree of obesity, with the aim of systematic performance.

The exercises are used to maintain and improve the condition of health, fitness and foster the willingness for active life. Furthermore, the individual choice of exercises and their intensity entails safe physical activity that has a beneficial impact on muscles, joints, the heart and also the brain. It is also combined with a more efficient functioning of the respiratory, circulatory and nervous system. It suppresses development of many diseases.

Physical activity is an element necessary for proper functioning of the human body and one of the most important factors preventing the majority of diseases and alleviating the impact of age.

Forms of activity: contact with nature, jogging, walking, hiking, Nordic walking, swimming, aerobics, dancing, health gymnastics, cycling and other forms of physical activity, such as: yoga, pilates or cardio workouts practised during classes individually arranged with physio-therapists, osteopaths and physical exercise instructors.

There are separate sets and programmes of physical exercises with respect to individual ailments of the old age: hypertension, arthritis, diabetes, coronary thrombosis, as well as mental consequences of ageing.

It should be remembered that in line with the recommendation of the European Union, the minimum physical activity of elderly people should amount to 30 minutes with moderate intensity, five times a week.

Additional measures of impact: cryotherapy, sauna, massage.


Determination of nutritional recommendations for each person, based on a nutrition interview, obesity and general health status, contraindications and a recommended set of exercises. This is an indispensable element of the impact, aimed at the preservation of health and physical functionality.

Systematic and moderate physical activity, combined with proper nutrition, is the key to the success of efforts aimed at maintaining and improving the mental and physical fitness and health.


Relaxation classes

  • participation in organised concerts and artistic events;
  • group signing and learning of folk and modern dances;
  • hiking on tourist and historical trails.
  • Grown-Up’s Academy (e.g. “Learn to Use My PC”, “Get to Know My Mobile Telephone”, “I Can Use the Internet”, “I Can Use My Washing Machine”, “I Shop Rationally”).