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Vvik Method III

This is how you can keep mentally and physically fit and slim for long years, smile and say: I don’t count years!

If you are willing to join us in taking care of your health and feel how strong you can become owing to Vvik III, fill the participation form, and sign in for one of selected camps organised by our specialists today.

Participation form

Participation form For health and recreation camp in Niepołomice (Poland)

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*IMPORTANT: Each camp begins at 14:00 hours (2:00 PM) on Day One with participants’ qualification and determining individual guidelines

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Please, select the room type, and possibly enter the names of people you wish to share the room with. If you wish to stay in a single room, account for an additional fee, as stated in the offer.

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  • your personal data controller shall be Janusz Długopolski, Mazowiecka 44/14, 31-019 Kraków (NIP: 676-011-00-16); as regards issues related to your personal data processing, please contact us by e-mail at the address: or by post at the following address: Janusz Długopolski Vvik III, Mazowiecka 44/14, 31-019 Kraków;
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The submission of your personal data, as well as the consent for their processing and image dissemination, are provided on voluntary basis.

Arrival - Departure

Travelling arrangements can be made with the entity we collaborate with and recommend: Air Tours Club. They deal with complex services including tickets and transports, airport transfer, and optional trips. They provide ticket booking services in global booking systems.

As regards optional trips, we particularly recommend:

  1. visit to the Wieliczka Salt Mine;
  2. a tour around Krakow.

Contact to Air Tours Club:

Daria Janikula – Customer support
Mobile: +48 605 905 833
Phone: +48 12 432 10 90
Monday – Friday: 9-17:00

The above services are provided on individual basis, under an additional charge agreed and paid directly to Air Tours Club. We guarantee that the prices of the services will be lower than for third-party customers.