Terms and conditions

Terms and conditions for ordering and rendering services performed by Vvik III.

1. General provisions:

The terms used in these Terms and Conditions shall have the meanings stated below:

  1. Contractor – entity providing services under the name: “Vvik III” – Janusz Długopolski Vvik III, entered in the Central Electronic Register and Information on Economic Activity, with the registered office at the address: ul. Mazowiecka 44/14, 30-019 Kraków, Poland, VAT number (NIP) 676-011-00-16.
  2. Participant – entity ordering the service;
  3. Service – involves organisation of stay, on the User’s request, at the health and recreation camp;
  4. Booking – effective booking includes the following activities:
    1. User’s e-mail statement about the intention to use the service submitted by filling the form available at the website: www.vvik-method.com;
    2. making a prepayment after receiving confirmation about the form being received.

These activities shall oblige the Contractor to send, within 7 (seven) days, a detailed schedule of the stay and camp programme.

2. Performance of the contract:

  1. The service shall be performed on the terms stated in the individual schedule sent after payment of the entire service price within 2 (two) months before the start of the selected camp.
  2. Payments should be made at the Vvik III account held by ING Bank Śląski, Branch in Krakow:
    EUR: PL 25 1050 1445 1000 0092 7281 9161
  3. In the event where Contractor Vvik III objectively cannot perform the service (e.g. flood, epidemics, strike, etc.), the Contractor shall reimburse full payment amount to the Ordering Party. The Ordering Party shall not have the right to compensation.
  4. If the complete programme of services cannot be delivered by the Contractor, the Contractor shall be obligated to adequately reduce the price of stay.
  5. If fewer than 5 (five) people register for the camp one month before the beginning of the camp, the Contractor shall resign from organising the camp, and shall reimburse the entire payment amount to the Ordering Parties. Compensation for cancelling the camp shall be excluded.
  6. If, despite camp cancellation by the Contractor, the Users wish to use hotel services exclusively, such services shall be available to them at an appropriately lower price, depending on using additional services.

3. Additional terms:

  1. Every user shall be insured, at the Contractor’s expense, against the effects of unfortunate accidents and costs of treatment.
  2. The Contractor holds an insurance for the Contractor’s business against damage caused by non-performance of the commitments for reasons not attributable to the Contractor.
  3. On request, the Users can receive evidence of payment for the paid service performed.
  4. Any disputes regarding performance of the service shall be resolved by the Court competent for the place of service rendering. The governing law shall be the law of the place of service rendering.

4. Personal data protection

All personal data of the Users shall be used exclusively for the purpose of executing the ordered service, and to follow guidelines by the specialists. Anonymised test results shall be subject to scientific analysis.